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PhotoniTech Pte Ltd, a dynamic growing one-stop solution provider for the fast growing Photonics industry, was established in January 2002 with the objectives to:
  • Provide consultancy, technical support, training and in-house evaluation in the field of BioTech, NanoTech and SemiCon

  • Represent high-end scientific test and analytical instruments specializing in Spectroscopy, Microscopy, Vacuum Technology and photonics related products (ie LASERs, Optics, Opto-mechanics & Imaging System) and employing these techniques for our clients various application

  • Build OEM design and providing customized automation solution to support the advancement of the Nano & Bio photonics industry

With an experienced Management Team from diverse background in technology, sales and marketing and a well-established Board of Advisors from the Academic and Research Institutions, we strive to keep abreast of the latest technological advancement in NanoTech, BioTech & Semicon and to share our acquired expertise and experience with both our valued customers and Principals. Being customer-centric, PhotoniTech has today worked with partners in OEM design, as well as, provided highly customizable solutions to customers both in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region.

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