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The Fiber Optic Connector and Splicing Module is a new supplemental curriculum to the introductory course. In Fiber Optics. It is written and designed to augment our best industry selling Fiber Optic Demonstration System training product. This new module is an ideal hands-on training curriculum for industrial technology and vocational education studies in two of the most sought after industry technical skills today. Splicing a fiber optic cable and doing field installations of fiber optic connectors.

  • Comprehensive and challenging activities
  • Complete self-contained curriculum
  • Color-coded activity tabs
  • Low cost per student
  • Uses safe, large-core plastic fiber
  • Full 4-color instructor and student manuals
  • Step by step instructions
  • Many graphic illustrations add clarity to instructions
  • Removable and photocopyable sheets in the Instructor's Manual
  • Stand-alone curriculum capability
The Fiber Optic Connector and Splicing Module is a 3-activity module with the following activities:
  • Equipment and Component Familiarization
  • Methods for Installing a Fiber Connector
  • Methods for Splicing Fiber Cable
Although this module was written as a supplemental curriculum for the Fiber Optic Demonstration System, it also can be used as a stand-alone instructional package. The module is fully compatible with both the plastic and glass versions of the Fiber Optic Demonstration System.

Each activity includes:
  • Advance reading assignments
  • Actual hands-on, step-by-step procedures for assembling components, then testing them for degree of technical performance. Discussions of applicability to real-world environments such as communications systems put the procedures in industry perspective.
  • Assessment of the strengths and shortcomings of various components as system requirements change.
  • Worksheets/quizzes that test students' knowledge as well as their ability to apply that knowledge to conceptual situations.
The comprehensive Instructor's Manual that comes with the module also includes answers to quiz and worksheet questions and a description of replacement parts, which are consumed or worn down in activities.

(The Fiber Optic Connector and Splicing Module includes the following items: fiber inspection microscope, hot knife and stand, fiber optic crimping tool, Professional fiber cutter, titanium polishing puck, polishing slurry, Micro-strip fiber stripper, glass polishing plate, tool box, 2 ounces index-matching gel, 2000 grit sandpaper, 3 µm polishing film, 2 ST® mating sleeves, set of two interconnecting fibers, 4 ounces isopropyl alcohol, 2 Student manuals, 1 Instructor's manual, 15 2-meter lengths of 1000 Ám-core plastic fiber, 15 fiber splices and 30 ST® fiber connectors.)

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